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Here is an excerpt of our lectures of the past years:
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Essen am 12.09.2019

Customer Analytics - bottom up

Cancellation analysis, customer value, switching probability and segmentation

Lecture for the technical committee of an industry association. In it we give an overview of the fields of application of our approach as well as our way of working.

We do not publish our "secrets" on the world wide web. However, if you are interested, we will be happy to send you the presentation slides.

Bonn am 16.06.2015

Sales with the gold scale

When is customer retention through down-selling worthwhile and when not?

Presentation at the Innovation Day "ENERGEO 2015", Energy & Geomarketing Nexiga GmbH

Leipzig am 12.05.2015

Euros in the balance

Implementing product migration for customer loyalty in an economically optimal way - A practical report

Presentation at the 8th Leipzig Energy Price Day of Get AG.

Berlin am 18.09.2014

Analytics for marketing and sales

Next level market research?

Impulse lecture for the market research committee of an industry association

Düsseldorf am 21.03.2013

Intelligence through analytics

How do I readjust marketing & sales?

Presentation at the EUROFORUM Conference "Sales Processes in the EVU"

Hannover am 06.03.2013

Mainova optimizes marketing and sales

Business analytics solution reduces wastage by up to 75 percent

Presentation for the IBM Club of Excellence at CeBIT

Bielefeld am 02.10.2012

From methodologist to information manager

On the development of the requirements for the operational market researcher

Lecture on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of rc - research & consulting

Kassel am 20.11.2008

Relevant trends and development lines for the marketing of green electricity

Lecture at the VWEW Infoday "Marketing Strategies for Green Electricity"

Mannheim am 14.06.2007

Perception of competition and consequences for communication

Lecture at the VDEW Infoday "Energy suppliers in the view of the public and customers"

Bonn am 25.04.2007

Market introduction novagas

Geoanalytical support for target area selection and direct customer communication

Lecture geomarketing congress of the company Lutum and Tappert

Leipzig am 07.12.2006

Loss of confidence and competition

From energy price discourse to gas product innovation

Lecture at the 1st Leipzig Energy Price Day of Get AG

Frankfurt am Main am 06.07.2004

Control of the distribution channel Internet

Contributions from market research

Lecture at the VDEW Infoday "Efficient Marketing - Market Research Aspects of Marketing Controlling"

Hannover am 18.11.2003

Qualitative market research on marketing to children and young people

In focus: school information

Lecture at the VWEW "Practical Meeting on School Information

Fulda am 05.11.2002

Market research on online presence

Hints & pragmatic approaches

Lecture at the VDEW Info Day "Professional Market Research"