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Tracking the customer

"Stadtwerke Ansbach" and service provider VISCONTO rely on a new method for predicting customer behavior and evaluating business relationships. [...] In predicting future customer behavior, Conergos is cooperating with mxben GmbH, a Frankfurt-based consulting company" vb in: 50.2_7/2019, pp. 16-17

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Predicting loyalty and customer value with certainty

"In contrast to other industries, well-founded customer analyses for the implementation of sales measures are still rather the exception in the energy industry. An example from the energy industry shows how customer analytics can be used to improve individual offers through statistical forecasts." - By Lukas Praller in: Sales Excellence, issue 7-8/2019 (print), pp. 48-51.


Predicting customer loyalty with customer analytics

External report on the customer analytics setup project we conducted in 2018 in collaboration with Conergos and Visconto for Stadtwerke Ansbach, retrieved on 08/05/2019.

The article is meanwhile (08/2019) no longer available on DIGITAL BUSINESS CLOUD, but can alternatively be read online (1) here or (2) here.

Dirk Helmold and Andreas Hahne

The customer magazine in the communication mix Optimizing resource allocation through efficiency measurement

In Planung & Analyse, journal for market research and marketing, issue 4/2011, pp. 54-56.

Andreas Hahne

In the 'bean field' of price and product landscapes. Market research and competitive analysis in the enterprise

What to do with sociology. Professions for sociologists. Pp. 129-136. Stuttgart 2007, Lucius & Lucius, ISBN 978-3-8282-0402-7.